Victoria made our all inclusive destination wedding the best day of our lives.

We were able to concentrate on having fun, all the details were taken care of.

thank you, thank you , thank you!

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Your Allinclusive Destination Wedding

If you’re planning an Allinclusive destination wedding you’ve come to the right place. That’s all we do at Victoria ’s. Fill out the Price your Wedding form and we’ll give you a group rate for your wedding way below anything you’ll find elsewhere. We also become your personal destination wedding planners and liaisons to the hotel at NO ADDITIONAL COST.


The Best Allinclusive Destination Wedding Prices

Our Caribbean all inclusive wedding prices are the lowest anywhere because we are a division of All Inclusive Resorts Inc. They are the largest wholesalers in the Caribbean and negotiate all of their contract directly with the hotels. Everyone else in the destination wedding business is buying their rooms from a third party – they’re often buying them from us. The downside of this is that their prices are getting marked up twice – a price inflation that gets passed onto you.

Blocking your rooms with the hotel

When pricing your allinclusive Caribbean wedding with someone else read the fine print very carefully. Caribbean resorts overbook their hotels all the time and bump clients to different hotels when they arrive. Every tour operator states in their fine print that if a hotel is overbooked they have the right to transfer you to a different “equivalent” hotel at their discretion.

This is a minor inconvenience when you’re going on vacation. When it’s your allinclusive destination wedding it’s a tragedy. Having a wedding at a different hotel than the one you’re staying at or having your group split in half – this is a situation you never want to go through.

This has never happened to our clients! The reason is that when you book your tropical Caribbean wedding group with we block your rooms with the hotel. We stay in contact with the hotel to make sure that the rooms are safe and reserved for you. This is just one more reason that you shouldn’t book with a company that has abandoned customer service.

Allinclusive Destination Wedding Competition

When it comes to tropical all inclusive weddings we have no competition because nobody does what we do. First of all, nobody can come close to our prices and secondly nobody offers the customer service we do. Couples either do the wedding planning themself or pay Caribbean destination wedding planners thousands of dollars to do it for them.

What Victoria Delivers

1. The Cheapest Group rates anywhere
2. Free destination wedding planning
3. Your own wedding rep that will be a contact for you and all of your guests

Victoria won’t abandon you after booking your rooms. We’ll walk you through the planning process, help you pick your menus and restaurant. We’ll guide you through getting all your legal documents together and send them to the hotel for you. We’ll set up appointments for you with the weddings coordinator at your allinclusive wedding resort. Basically, we’ll do everything we can do to make sure that your dreams of the perfect Caribbean beach wedding come true.


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