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Beach Church Wedding in the Caribbean

The attractiveness of extraordinary white-sand beaches and fascinating All-Inclusive Resorts in exclusive beaches with incredible views and romantic environments provide an unsurpassed and splendid setting and an ideal atmosphere for a great romantic beach church wedding in the Caribbean.

Apart from the setting, one of the most important aspects to consider when planning a beach church wedding in the Caribbean is the country you will choose. It could no doubt make the difference, as not every destination offers the same religious services. So, you need to make your destination as well as your All-Inclusive Resort or hotel a part of your selection; you will also need to take your decision at the beginning of the planning process. If you are not sure about which destination would be the best choice for you, would be happy to help you. Contact us and we will guarantee you make the right decision. Besides, if you have thought of having a unique beach church wedding in the Caribbean, tell our planners what your idea is and they, together with the wedding coordinators on-site, will help you customize your wedding and make this special day a perfect one, just the way you have dreamed it.


Weddings abroad are usually non-religious civil ceremonies; in addition, civil ceremonies are easier to arrange than the religious ones. However, religious weddings are usually possible in many locations in the Caribbean as well as for many faiths including Christianity, Moslem, Jewish, Buddhist and more.

Most religions are found throughout the Caribbean, though each one has its set of requirements for getting married in the church. For your beach church wedding in the Caribbean it is possible to choose almost any of the Caribbean countries, as most Christian denominations, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist and Baptist, are represented on the larger islands. Banns are usually published on three consecutive Saturdays or Sundays for church weddings; therefore arrangements must be made with the Minister of the church in advance.

You will require a testimonial letter from the Bishop of the Catholic party, Baptismal certificates, a signed statement of ‘Freedom to Marry’ from both parties by your community priest as well as a certificate of your participation in a programme of preparation for marriage for your beach church wedding in the Caribbean. In order to file your application for the licence, you will need a letter from the Minister or Magistrate who is performing the marriage ceremony.


For your beach church wedding in the Caribbean you have to take into account that in many wedding destinations abroad you will require a civil ceremony before a religious one. Some couples choose to have a beach church wedding in the Caribbean after having a wedding at home. This option can avoid doing any legal documentation overseas.

In some destinations for your beach church wedding in the Caribbean you can only get married in the town hall, chapel or church, while in others you will be allowed to get married quite literally anywhere you want.

Religious wedding ceremonies abroad often vary completely in style; for instance, weddings in Thailand have a Buddhist theme where you are blessed by monks, while in the case of most beach church weddings in the Caribbean you can get married in a church near the beach. As long as the ceremony does not contravene with the marriage laws of your own country, the wedding will be completely legal and you can register the marriage when you get home. Not all countries conform to all marriage practices for the wedding to be legal back home.

Civil weddings are normally performed by a local Registrar, but it is possible for our planners at to arrange everything for a church minister to conduct a religious ceremony. However this is not applicable to Roman Catholics. If you wish to have a beach church wedding in the Caribbean, you must make sure you know and follow the marriage laws the country you intend to marry in. Normally, you will require formal proof that you are free and able to marry, as well as a proof that you are who you say you are. If you are going to get married in a country where your native language is not officially spoken, you will usually need an official translation of the documents required.


With extensive local knowledge to take care of all the arrangements our planners at can take care of every detail. We will be able to help you to select the church of your choice.

We hope you will have the wedding of your dreams with your beach church wedding in the Caribbean!

Planning a wedding could take a lot of time and efforts. It requires a lot of expertise to make everything work the way you want it. can help you plan your beach church wedding in the Caribbean!

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