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Beach Bride Wedding Hair - Do´s and Don’ts

Breeze, sun and moisture can all add to the challenge of finding the perfect hairstyle for your beach wedding. Your hairstyle should be according to the typical beach wedding ceremony, which is often a casual event. For a summer wedding in a marvelous All-Inclusive Resort, a bride must choose her wedding hairstyle carefully to ensure that the style stays in place and that she will be comfortable throughout the day. There are different hairstyles that can be used for brides in an outdoor ceremony, as well as Do´s and Don’ts regarding beach bride wedding hair.


We have all had hair catastrophes, such as awful haircuts or terrible hair dyes, that have made us weep, but just before your wedding there is no room for impulsive changes. So, there are certain Do´s and Don’ts that should be taken into consideration when dealing with beach bride wedding hair.

Among the Do´s in reference to the beach bride wedding hair, the first thing you will have to consider is time; you can not wait until two or three days before your wedding ceremony to choose your hairstyle or hair color, because if something goes wrong, you will not have enough time to solve the problem. So,

1. Visit your hairstylist at least six months before the wedding to set up a hair care treatment.

2. Decide on a hairstyle before you choose your veil or tiara. Think about whether your hairstyle will hold up at an outdoor wedding, if loose waves or curls will work better for an outdoor ceremony in an All-Inclusive Resort at the beach, or if a short wedding hairstyle will fit you better for the occasion. You should also play with different styles before deciding your final look.

3. Invest in a good haircut, it is essential. You will need less styling if you have a good foundation.

4. Match your hairstyle to your gown and the degree of formality of the ceremony.

5. Decide on your hair color with enough time before the wedding, and retouch your hair color two weeks before the event.

6. Get a final trim two weeks before the wedding.

7. Plan special hairstyles for your bridal shower and rehearsal dinner, as it is a way to play with different styles.

8. Ask your hairstylist to establish a shampooing and conditioning plan for the days before the wedding.

9. Wear adequate clothes to your wedding day hair session.

10. Have your hairdresser practice with your veil or tiara.

11. Consider to add a bit of glitter to your hair, although you should try it out in advance.

12. Decide if you will remove your veil or tiara after the ceremony. In case you will, you will need to adjust your hairstyle.

13. Hair accessories are an extremely easy way to add extra flair or elegance to the beach bride wedding hair. Whether you wear your hair straight, curly, pinned up or down, consider adding silk flowers, sparkly headbands, rhinestones or jeweled barrettes.


Among the Don´ts regarding beach bride wedding hair, there are some recommendations to follow to avoid risking this special day:

1. Don’t choose a style because it is on fashion, you will need the one that fits you.

2. Don’t make hairstyle changes within two months of the wedding. You should avoid a haircut that could be awful and your hair needs time to grow.

3. Don’t change your hair color within two months of the wedding and, of course, don’t dye your hair at home!

4. Don’t choose a difficult style that will be hard to maintain.

5. Don’t use unfamiliar hair products on your big day because not all the products, even the best ones, are fit for your hair.

6. Don’t choose large or excessively ornate hair accessories. It will not be elegant, especially for a beach bride wedding hair.

7. Don’t have your hair styled too early before the ceremony as it will be a long day.

8. Don’t wash your hair right before styling it because it may be too slippery to handle.

9. Don’t overload your hair with product.

Great wedding hair completes your whole look. When choosing how to wear your beach bride wedding hair, consider how the style complements your outfit and the overall feeling and atmosphere of your wedding ceremony....

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