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Weddings in Jamaica have become the favored destination wedding location for many of our clents for several reasons: the beautiful white sand beaches and Caribbean waters as well as the warm and wonderful people!.


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Platinum Jamaica Weddings Resort

1. weddings at Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica


Beach weddings in Jamaica have become a favorite of many of our All Inclusive Weddings clients for several reasons. First of all, the country is absolutely beautiful with inland mountains, white sand beaches and crystal blue Caribbean waters. It's hard to imagine a more beautiful setting to begin the new chapter of your lives together than standing on the beaches of Runaway Bay Jamaica with the one you love.

It's also difficult not to fall in love with the Jamaican people. A warm hearted people who will always flash you a big smile and say "everything be Irie mon". Irie is a Jamaican noun that is sometimes used instead of good-day, but more often means great or excellent. I guarantee that after Jamaican weddings our couples always think that everything is Irie.

One other aspect of destination weddings in Jamaica that many clients like is that they take place in English. Most other Caribbean destinations are Spanish speaking and the weddings take place in the official language.


Getting Married in Jamaica

1. If you book your rooms with we will take care of your Punta Cana destination wedding planning for you at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

2. We will serve as your personal wedding planners, information bureau for your guests and your liaison to the wedding coordinator at the hotel

3. We will also plan excursions and activities for you and your guests both before and after your wedding day.

4. In a nutshell,we’ll do everything we can do to make sure that your wedding in Punta Cana goes off without a hitch.

5. Working with Victoria for your Beach Wedding in paradise is a win-win situation. You get the lowest prices on your rooms and personalized wedding planners to walk you through all the ins and outs of planning a Caribbean beach wedding.

Jamaica Wedding Resorts

There are many beautiful hotels in Jamaica, but not many of them that we would trust with our clients' wedding. There is a big difference between hosting a vacation for a couple and putting on a beautful destination wedding. Every hotel claims to do weddings and you'll see their wedding packages listed, but they just aren't equipped to do them properly and if by some chance something goes wrong - you want to be taken care of by professionals who know how to fix the problem.

For that reason we do most of our Jamaica weddings at Gran Bahia Prinicpe Jamaica in Runaway Bay. The Bahia Principe chain is renowned for their focus on destination weddings and it allows us to feel confident that our couples are going to return happy from their wedding in paradise. Their onsite coordinators are top notch and we know that once our side of the planning is complete they will carry out our plans to perfection.

Free Jamaica Wedddings

There really are no free Jamaica weddings any more although you'll see them advertised everywhere. There is always something written in the fine print - usually they force you into a room upgrade that would more than pay for the wedding package. You'll usually see an asterisk beside any "free Jamaica weddings" offer stating that the legal fees are not included.

In reality, Jamaica wedding packages start around $1500 including legal costs and the ceremony and reception. Depending on the number of guests and the options you choose they can increase from there.

Documents required for your Jamaica beach wedding.

They do make it relatively easy for tourists to get married in Jamaica and yes the marriage is legal and recognized anywhere in the world. There are a few documents to fill out and some things do need to be notarized (legalized) and sent to the hotel.

Once the documents are filled out we ask all our clients to fax them to us so we can examine them and we send them off to the hotel. We just like to ensure that there will be no surprises for our couples when they arrive at the resort.


Bride and Groom's court certified birth certificate or notarized photocopy

Photo identification (e.g drivers license, passport)

Notarized parents written consent if under 21

Notarized photocopies of a sworn affidavit of Single Status: refered to in Jamaica as Bachelorhood (groom) and Spinstership (bride)

Notarized photocopies of legal name changes and/or adoption papers if applicable

If previously married before: court certified or notarized photocopies of the final divorce decree

A court certified or notarized copy of the death certificate if widowed

Notarized, legal translations of documents to English

The translated document and the foreign language document must both be notarized

Conditions for Jamaica Weddings:

The hotel wants the notarized documents at least 60 days before departure


Warning #1: There is a residency requirement of 48 hours for the bride and groom. Check with our planners to make sure your arrival date and wedding dates are OK.

Warning #2:Jamaica wedding dates start to disappear a year in advance. The biggest mistake you can make is booking the hotel before reserving your wedding date. Check with our planners.

Ask us to Price your Jamaica Weddings today and we’ll start the process of making your dream wedding in paradise a reality.


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