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Beach Destination Wedding Attire

Beach weddings are undoubtedly less formal than indoor events; so, formal long flowing wedding gowns and heavy headpieces are not required for a beach wedding.

Of course, everybody wants to be dressed with the appropriate beach destination wedding attire in accordance with the setting and formality of the event so as to have complete confidence in the total look.


The wedding day is one of the most significant days in anyone's life, and choosing one's beach destination wedding attire may be an interesting as well as a difficult task. You can consult our wedding planners at; they will be happy to help you and take care of every detail. You will not have to worry much, just relax and enjoy your wedding.

The wedding attire must keep you trendy, comfortable and make you feel the man or the woman of the day, too. The time of day, the climate, the nice space or gazebo in the All-Inclusive Resort where the event is going to take place, are among the things that can influence in your beach destination wedding attire on this special day; so, you need to take all these things into consideration to choose the most suitable clothing for your beach wedding.

Sure you can take your cues from the invitation, but what does "black tie optional" or "festive attire" really mean? And what should you wear to a formal daytime summer wedding or a destination wedding? Here are tips and ideas for your beach destination wedding attire.


Women's beach destination wedding attire requires a lightweight look. It can be hot on the beach and you will look and feel much more relaxed in lightweight materials and they will be really suitable for a beach wedding. Lightweight fabrics such as silk, chiffon, satin, and organza, are excellent choices for your beach destination wedding attire. Short and tea length dresses suit best; light, casual and elegant, your beach wedding dress will be perfect for your dream wedding. If you want something more casual, consider a pair of white linen pants that will keep you cool under the sun.

The traditional wedding attire color is white, and it also goes well as beach destination wedding attire as it matches with the setting, although a delicate blue can also be selected as beach destination wedding attire to match the color of the sea.

Bright colored clothing and accessories for women's beach destination wedding attire are also ideal for a beach wedding considering the time of the day and the formality of the event and , of course, the couple’s personality. You should also take into consideration that beach weddings can get a little bit cold in the evenings, so to wear a light jacket that matches your attire or a loose wrap you can wrap up in to stay warm on the beach is a good idea.

Generally, beach destination wedding attire does not require special foot wears and so a barefoot without sandals will be the best option. There are great looking barefoot jewelry available made of beads, glass beads, and semi precious stones to suit beach destination wedding attire. Even a flip-flop or a strappy sandal will be stylish.

Groom's beach wedding attire should match with that of the bride's attire. When dealing with men's beach destination wedding attire, a custom linen suit is a great alternative to tuxedos and is more appropriate for beach weddings. Linen trousers complement beach wedding linen shirts or Guayaberas and will complete your beach wedding look for your groom and male attendants if you are thinking on a more comfortable way to go a bit more casual for a beach wedding. You can dress it up for the evening with a nice sport jacket. Most beach events are casual enough that you do not need to wear a suit, but if you choose to, a lightweight linen suit will do.


Men should also wear appropriate footwear as an important element of the beach destination wedding attire. This is a chance for you to wear sandals or casual shoes to a wedding. You will be walking in the sand and perhaps in the water, so make sure that your shoes are waterproof or that you can take them off easily to avoid damage from the water or sand.

There are many options to choose from regarding beach destination wedding attire, but the best option will be the one in which you feel convenient and comfortable through out the event. After all it is your dream day!

Planning a wedding could take time and it is always very stressful. It demands a lot of expertise, so if you want everything to work perfectly, is eager to help you find the perfect beach destination wedding attire; our planners will take care of every detail. Our experience allows us to customize your wedding and guarantee the best results.

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