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Beach Themed Wedding Cake Toppers

When you are planning a wedding, there are lots of important things that you have to take in consideration. You have to find the right place for your wedding ceremony and reception, the most beautiful wedding dress, the perfect invitations, the right caterers and a lot of other things. But when you are planning a beach wedding, then you'll absolutely need one of these gorgeous beach themed wedding cake toppers, because your wedding cake is a very important part of the wedding, almost as important as the dress and each guest cannot wait to see how the cake looks.


A cake is a bridal element that varies a lot because of the numerous colors, designs, flavors, sayings and shapes it may have. So, if you want an unforgettable wedding cake, your beach themed wedding cake topper is one of the most defining parts, because your cake sets the whole atmosphere of your beach themed wedding. Therefore, it is important for you to find the perfect topper, as it can put together the entire theme and feel of your wedding reception.

It is very important that you break the rules; most people think that only the elegant traditional round and layered cakes can be used for weddings, but they are wrong. As this is your special day, your beach themed wedding cake topper should reflect the ideal representation of you and your groom. Thus, you will have no trouble in finding the perfect one.


In terms of decoration and designing, your beach themed wedding cake topper needs to fit your reception, so you will have to pay close attention to some essential aspects such as:

  • The size of your wedding cake. It can be any size, it depends on how many guests you are planning to have and the variety and amount of other delicacies you are planning to serve at your wedding reception. Then, you will need a beach themed wedding cake topper in accordance with the size of your wedding cake. If you have a big cake, even if beautiful, your topper can not be too small.
  • The shape or design of your wedding cake can vary. For example, it can be square, round or maybe a romantic double heart; it may have two or more layers or can be a sculpted cake, but you should find the right beach themed wedding cake topper for it.
  • The colours are very important. Your baker will ask what colors to use in frosting the cake, piping the wording, and creating decorative touches such as small seashells or flowers that will fit for your topper. They should relate to your wedding theme. For a beach wedding theme tans and browns work really well, as well as some pinks or reds.
  • The right topper can tie together the entire theme and feel of your wedding reception, so you can buy or design your own beach themed wedding cake topper. Each topper should be beautifully sculpted in order to catch the romantic atmosphere of your wedding ceremony, together with the fact that it is a beach wedding. Therefore, you can look for seashells, bird figurines, dolphins, seahorses, starfish or the typical couple on a nice beach setting, which would make an absolutely stunning topper for any cake. You can also use a Palm Tree cake topper together with another topper or with other beach themed objects to make the perfect topper.

Find your own and great way to turn a normal wedding cake in your personal artistic creation. Besides, the unique beach wedding cake topper of your wedding cake can serve as the perfect decoration for your coffee table, or as a great wedding gift!

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