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Beach Themed Wedding Decorations

For those couples that do not want to confine their ceremony among the walls, beach theme weddings are a nice possibility that is becoming popular day by day. So, find what you need to create your wedding day and have the wedding of your dreams. Turn your beach theme wedding from monotonous to extraordinary. You can create a captivating, beautiful and unique beach theme ceremony and reception that you and your guests will never forget with the right beach theme wedding decorations.

There is certainly no shortage of ideas for beach theme wedding decorations; those ideas can be anywhere, from very simple to over the top elaborated ones.


You can combine sophisticated and casual decor elements to create the perfect reception. The best part of decorating on the beach is that you have lots of possibilities at hand. In many All-Inclusive Resorts you can find an enthusiastic and experienced staff that can help you to find the best ideas for your beach theme wedding decorations. Apart from the beach, many All-Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean definitely have nice spaces with beautiful open terraces with gazebos or pergolas where the pleasant atmosphere brings a sense of romance, ideal for a great ceremony or reception.

The beach, the water and the sky create a neutral background that looks great with any color combination that you choose. Though, you have to take into consideration for your beach theme wedding decorations that your choice in color can send a message.

White and red colors are the ones that people like the most. White, because for many people it is the symbol of innocence and purity and gives the event a classy and clean feeling. The monochromatic effect with white table linens topped with white slip covers and white floral arrangements and as well as the bouquet carried by the bride gives the feeling of elegance. On the other hand, deep romantic cherry reds are one of the most popular choices for wedding decor. This classic color provides a sharp contrast against the white wedding dress, table linens and black tuxedos. The audacious and beautiful red wedding collections include vibrant red guest books, flower girl baskets and ring bearer pillow. The color is one of richness that provides a feeling of romance, passion and sensuality. Other brides prefer colors like pink because it is a very feminine choice, or yellow, that represents attraction and intellect and many of the beach themed wedding decorations include this shade to represent sunshine and fun. These are simply a few of the more traditional colors you would see for accessories and decorations for a wedding. The choices go as far as the color spectrum reaches from end to end.


There are many accessories that can be used for a beach themed wedding decoration. Seashells, for example, are not expensive and you can find millions of ideas using them for decorations; candle lights are ideal for a wedding in the afternoon, as they create a warm, soft and romantic atmosphere, or torches to mark the aisle , a centerpiece that can express your personal style and incorporate the favors into the centerpiece display, flowers or some kind of props to decorate the buffet tables, silk flower that you can give to your guests, little drinks with small colorful umbrellas to add to the theme or even tents that can help you withstand the heat and sun.

You will need to pay attention to your food, because it is also part of the beach themed wedding decorations. So, ask the caterer or maybe the Chef at your All-Inclusive Resort to show you some pictures or give you ideas of the buffet presentation before you sign a contract.

Another important aspect to consider for the beach themed wedding decorations is the weather, because in the Caribbean it might rain or the sun can be very strong; so, you could provide your guests with your wedding color umbrellas and these could be used as your wedding favor as well.

Remember that all these are the things that make your wedding and reception chic and unique.

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