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Beach Wedding Decorations and Favors

The sky, the sun rays reflecting from the blue waters, the sand, marvellous ocean views and the natural environment that the beach setting brings you together with the pleasant atmosphere of the paradise-like All-Inclusive Resorts with well-appointed accommodations can be a marvellous stage for an unforgettable wedding day. For every couple that wants to break with tradition and bring a sense of romance to their wedding day, a beach wedding will give them the possibility to make an untraditional but no less elegant wedding. Beach wedding decorations and favors are among the things that will give a personal and non-traditional touch to your beach wedding and reception. Few places are more romantic than the beach. So, decorating your wedding reception with an ocean and sand-inspired theme is an ideal plan. No matter what your reception budget is, you will be able to transform the beachfront into a romantic venue with a few key decor items and a little creativity. You can combine sophisticated and casual decor elements to create the perfect beach wedding decorations and favors for your beach wedding and reception. The best part of decorating on the beach is that you have lots of possibilities at hand.


In many All-Inclusive Resorts you can find an enthusiastic and experienced staff that can help you to find the best ideas for your beach wedding decorations and favors. Apart from the beach, many All-Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean definitely have nice spaces with beautiful gazebos or pergolas where the pleasant atmosphere brings a sense of romance ideal for a great ceremony and reception, where beach wedding decorations will make your beach wedding site the perfect place. The natural environment of the Caribbean beaches brings you the possibility to use many natural elements to decorate your beach wedding site, such as seashells, starfish, seahorses, palm trees, flowers and even the sand. These natural decor elements will help you to create the ideal beach wedding decorations and favors; for example, you can buy or even make silk flowers with endemic flowers, seashells centrepieces, sand box trays, or even some decorations using coloured sand that can be an elegant and astonishing idea to decorate the beach setting.


Moreover, if you want to be grateful with your guests for being part of one of the most important days in your live, a favor can be an elegant detail and can play an important role in your wedding decoration. There are many different types of beach theme wedding favors to choose and many places where you can buy them. One of the most well-liked are the beach candle favors that can be used as centrepieces. Candles of different colours are ideal to create a romantic glow at an evening wedding, table top tiki torches and flower petals are also popular beach wedding decorations and favors. If you want something different and more unusual, paper umbrellas with some beach theme details can be an extraordinary souvenir and very useful to help your guests withstand the heat and sun. Disposable cameras to click some amazing images of that day, personalized wet bikini bags and/or beach towels, as well as personalized luggage tags are also practical and beautiful favors. Shaped soaps, personalized heart-shaped wine bottle stopper, beach candle holders, glass photo coasters, edible and chocolate wedding favors such as monogram chocolates in different colours are nice beach wedding favors that your guests will enjoy and appreciate.


If you are incorporating a tent in your wedding celebration or just want to decorate the ceiling of your venue, you can decorate a chandelier with real shells; you can also use beautiful Chinese lanterns to create a romantic atmosphere and a pleasant lighting. Wedding balloon decorations will give an elegant touch to a wedding venue as well. You will need to pay attention to your food, because it is also part of the beach wedding decorations and favors. Colourful napkins, the use of fruits to decorate the food displays and tablecloths with some beach theme details add a colorful theme for decorating your beach wedding. There are also a great number of delicious tropical cocktails that you can serve at your beach wedding reception; they are usually garnish as desired with pineapple slices, orange wedges, cherries or umbrellas to give a special and colorful touch to your reception. Combine sophisticated and casual decor elements with originality and create the perfect beach wedding decorations and favors.
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