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Caribbean Destination Wedding Sites

Those seeking a wedding on a dream tropical island with paradise-like All-Inclusive Resorts with luxury accommodations, with sun, sand, marvellous ocean views and plenty of romance to make their wedding fantasies come true need to look no further than the Caribbean. All these things together constitute a good reason to look for a Caribbean Destination Wedding Site.


There are many places in the Caribbean to choose from and each one is unique and ideal for couples wanting a Caribbean Destination Wedding Site. Choose a memorable location for your special day. There are marvelous places for a wedding, a great variety of locations where everything, from idyllic beaches and waterfalls to colonial cities and lively tourist resorts, are perfect settings for your dream wedding.

Many couples love destination weddings where they can enjoy various activities along with their guests. One major choice among the Caribbean Destination Wedding Sites is the Dominican Republic. It offers wonderful choices, from the most comfortable All-Inclusive Resorts to the most affordable one. This Caribbean site offers a unique wedding that will give the couple many romantic memories of this special day and their guests a great place to enjoy the white sandy beaches and other attractions that island has to offer. The wide variety of sceneries is one of its major attractions, where everything from idyllic beaches and waterfalls, to tropical rainforest and the highest mountains in the Caribbean keep you interested.


In Mexico, the Mayan Riviera is an excellent choice as a Caribbean Destination Wedding Site. The Mayan Riviera has called attention of tourists all over the world for its picturesque scenery and interesting cultural and historical sites. It offers couples miles of secluded virgin beaches with clear turquoise waters bordered by one of the largest coral reefs in the world on one side and a tropical jungle on the other. This makes the Mayan Riviera an attractive Caribbean Destination Wedding Site. The abundance of caverns, caves, underground rivers, lush tropical vegetation, a rich fauna and many archaeological sites connected to Mayan civilization make this Caribbean wedding site unique. Also in Mexico, Cancun, with its All-Inclusive Resorts, is now one of the tourists and couples’ favourite Caribbean Destination Wedding Sites. Most world famous hotel chains are represented in Cancun and they offer couples and honeymooners an excellent service and great facilities to make sure they have a perfect wedding.

Cuba is another Caribbean Destination Wedding Site world known for its natural beaches, considered by many as some of the most beautiful in the world. They are unique for the varied tones of their calm, clear waters, the beauty of their sea beds, the coral reefs populated by colourful fish, the natural state of the cays as well as excellent hotels and marvellous All-Inclusive Resorts. Many people visit Cuba to enjoy its rich natural and cultural offerings, to visit its cities and areas declared by the UNESCO as part of world heritage and also, to have a memorable wedding or honeymoon.


Jamaica is a beautiful Caribbean island, set in a privileged position, surrounded by amazing white sandy beaches and exotic tropical vegetation that make it a marvellous Caribbean Destination Wedding Site. Jamaica has marvelous beaches and rainforests, mountains and caves. Plus, it is filled with tons of old and new Caribbean culture. In Jamaica you can lie out on the beach and enjoy from a golf game to indulging in spa treatments at one of the many all-inclusive resorts or just relax listen to hip-swaying music. Jamaica has something for everyone. It is a popular destination wedding location because the resorts host the ceremonies and receptions themselves and offer all-inclusive packages making the planning process simple and affordable for couples.

There are also some other superb Caribbean Destination Wedding Sites, such as Anguilla with its white villas topped with Moorish domes house guest rooms, which have massive, shuttered windows and balconies overlooking the Caribbean. This British West Indies Island has beautiful and secluded beaches for your perfect wedding and honeymoon.

Another Caribbean Destination Wedding Site is found in the islands that make up the Cayman Islands (Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac), that are surrounded by gorgeous, clear water, making them a diving hot spot. It is ideal for couples who appreciate high-end resorts and the high-stakes adventure of wall diving.

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