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Caribbean Flavour Wedding Music

Caribbean weddings are becoming of the first choices for people who want something completely different from that of a traditional wedding, so enjoy that pleasure and add Caribbean flavour wedding music to your great event.

Every couple considers its wedding as a significant and unique day in their lives. Planning a wedding day requires to have in mind many important details and much more if you want something non traditional and unique. If you are planning your dream Caribbean wedding in one of those idyllic All-Inclusive Resorts surrounded by a marvellous beach wedding atmosphere, Caribbean flavour wedding music is a very important and original element that will make your special event memorable, because this creative detail can add a special touch to your ceremony and reception.


When you are choosing your Caribbean flavour wedding music, you have to take into consideration your and your couple’s specific likes and dislikes. You can even combine different styles of music, though you will have to determine how it will be presented. Your wedding is the perfect place to play music that suits both your personality and your theme.

Caribbean flavour wedding music is an option that will give you the possibility to make something different and non traditional to give your guests a nice surprise and propose them the option to bring dance instructors as an exciting idea for the reception, so they can teach your guest Caribbean dance and make the party much more funny. You can also have a karaoke time that can provide your party a great fun, too.

When deciding about Caribbean flavour wedding music you have to choose between two options: a disc jockey that can provide you many different kinds of music although it is advisable that you make a list of your favorite musical themes so your disc jockey knows what your tastes are, or you can choose a band that can add a great atmosphere to any wedding as well as enjoyment for you and your guests. In this case you can make an unforgettable selection and hire a steel drum band or a look-alike band, or even a jazz band that will be perfect if you want something a little more formal.


There are some moments that require a special theme or kind of music; for example, the ceremony is the most important part of the event and generally people prefer a slow and romantic music, but don’t be afraid, if you want a different kind of music do it; the choice is up to you. Another significant moment is the first dance, because it introduces you for the first time as husband and wife when you arrive back at your reception and all your guest are waiting for that moment, so this should be a song that you can call your own; on the other hand, Caribbean flavour wedding music will convey your guests the feeling that the formalities are over and it is time to start having fun. As for the party, you can not forget where you are, so Caribbean flavour wedding music has to be enjoyed. Salsa, bachata, ballad, and especially merengue are among your best options.

Another important think to know about the wedding music theme is that there are many recommended lists that can offer you popular songs and classic favorites either for your ceremony or your reception such as “A Day to Remember” by the O'Neill Brothers, or Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings with classical instrumental love songs. All Inclusive Resorts, that have been the beach wedding planning experts for many years, can offer you some suggestions for your Caribbean flavor wedding music if you want something special for your Happily-Ever-After. Bob Marley or the Beach Boys´ music that include lots of classical favorites can be used as background music; maybe a perfect romantic ballad for your wedding processional, ceremony or first dance; or you can choose dance music for your reception, that will be amazing and will make you feel the romantic and special atmosphere of the Caribbean. If you want some instrumental selections, the famous “Caribbean Steel Drums” with their 20 Famous Tropical Melodies are a spectacular choice that you will enjoy a lot.

Enjoy the pleasure of your Caribbean wedding and add Caribbean flavour wedding music to your great event.

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