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Decorate Beach for Wedding

For those couples who are looking to get married in paradise, with marvellous ocean views and the natural environment that the beach setting brings you, together with the pleasant atmosphere of a well-appointed All-Inclusive Resort, the Caribbean can be the dream stage for an unforgettable wedding day. So, find what you need to have the wedding of your dreams. Decorate beach for wedding, turn your beach theme wedding from monotonous to extraordinary. You can combine sophisticated and casual décor elements to organize a captivating, stunning and unique beach theme ceremony and reception that you and your guests will never forget.

Few places are more romantic than the beach. So, decorating your wedding reception with an ocean and sand-inspired theme, using décor elements that you can find directly on the beach is a marvellous idea. Decorate beach for wedding and give a personal and non-traditional touch to your beach wedding and reception.


The best part of decorating on the beach is that you have lots of possibilities at hand. Decorating ideas can be anywhere from very simple to over the top elaborate.

You can find an enthusiastic and experienced staff that can help you to find the best ideas to decorate beach for wedding, just contact our planner at All-Inclusive to guarantee the best results and fulfil your expectations. Apart from the beach, many All-Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean definitely have nice spaces with beautiful open terraces with gazebos or pergolas where the pleasant atmosphere brings a sense of romance, ideal for a great ceremony or reception. You can also consider a pool side beach reception; many resorts and destinations offer pools and areas that are right next to the beach with incredible beach views that will keep your reception perfect.

Many natural elements can be used to decorate beach for wedding, such as seashells, starfish, seahorses, palm trees, flowers and even the sand, as the natural environment of the Caribbean beaches brings the possibility to do it in a very easy and natural way. Natural décor elements will help to create the ideal setting together with the color combination that you choose. Moreover, the beach, the water and the sky create an idyllic background that looks great with any color combination, though when you decorate beach for wedding you have to take into consideration that your choice in color can send a message.

There are some things that are relevant at a beach wedding and the bride's bouquet is one of them. It is one of the main floral arrangements at a beach wedding ceremony and during your walk down the aisle. Many beach brides simply use white as their overall colour, incorporating that into the bridal dress and even into the flowers. Some brides, however, long for a little bit more than the sophisticated atmosphere that white alone can give to a beach theme wedding. They prefer tropical flowers such as orange and pink tiger lilies or red roses that are excellent in beach bridal bouquets. This is a fabulous idea to decorate beach for wedding and add a hint of colour to the event.

The monochromatic effect with white table linens topped with white slip covers and white floral arrangements and as well as the bouquet carried by the bride gives the feeling of elegance. But at the same time, deep romantic cherry reds are one of the most popular choices for wedding décor, as this classic color provides a sharp contrast against the white wedding dress, table linens and black tuxedos. The color provides a feeling of romance, passion and sensuality. Other brides prefer colors like pink because it is a very feminine choice; or yellow, that represents attraction and intellect and also represents sunshine and fun.


As tropical flowers are so colourful, they can also be used to decorate the aisle. You can decorate your aisle with rows of small bouquets, or you can simply use a carpet of flower petals.

Many beach brides like canopies over their altar to decorate beach for wedding and add just the right effect to a beach ceremony. You can use a canopy over the entire aisle and add a hint of colour with gorgeous tropical flowers to create an amazing romantic atmosphere.

You will need to pay attention to your food display when you are going to decorate beach for wedding. Our expert planner at All-Inclusive will give you the best ideas for the presentation of the buffet. Colourful napkins, tropical fruits or flowers can be used to decorate food displays and tablecloths to add a colorful theme when decorating your beach wedding. There are also a great number of delicious tropical cocktails that you can serve at your beach wedding reception; they are a new and exciting décor element as these tropical cocktails are not only delicious but colourful as well. They are usually garnished as desired with pineapple slices, orange wedges, cherries or umbrellas to give a special and colorful touch to your reception.

Planning a wedding could take time and it is always very stressful. It demands a lot of expertise, so if you want everything to work perfectly, can help you to do it. is a team of experienced planners with rates better than anything you will find elsewhere.

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